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Say goodbye to stress with our drug-free formula for relieving stress.

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Our blend of 100% drug-free ingredients, calms your mood and helps sleep.

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Real® Chill Anxiety Support

Our scientifically approved, nutritionist-created blend of naturally calming ingredients will help relax your body, mind and create a deeper sleep. Real Chill magnesium supplements will help reduce stress, anxiety, and worries while providing 100% drug-free and organic ingredients.*

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If you are like me and suffer from anxiety and/or depression then you should really try these drug-free, stress relief capsules.

Being cooped up in quarantine and the additional anxiety from health concerns pushed me to my limits and I had to do something to change.

Going to the doctor only resulted in more medication suggestions, only putting a band-aid on the problem instead of getting to the root cause, on a chemical level.

That is why I set out on a mission to create Real® Chill.

We found the best MDs, Pharmacologists, and Registered Dieticians to formulate an effective supplement for mild to moderate stress and anxiety.

After months of testing, we formulated the perfect combination of natural ingredients and I have extremely reduced my anxiety and stress with the help of these supplements.

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Tyler Horvath


dr danielle kelvas

Dr. Danielle Kelvas, MD

Senior Medical Science Liaison

“I am a United States trained medical doctor with seven years of clinical experience. Every year, I see increasing rates of stress-related illnesses such as anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, muscle aches, and insomnia, to name a few. Internationally, anxiety is one of the largest global burdens of diseases, which takes a terrible toll on your health long term.

The Real Chill supplement is an excellent alternative to prescription medication for those who suffer from mild to moderate symptoms and a helpful addition to those already on medication that suffer from severe generalized anxiety disorder.

I personally take these vitamins as an alternative to medication for anxiety and headaches, something that I used to struggle with working long hours in the hospital.”

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Out of stock
$34.99 or $31.49 / month

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