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Anxiety Sucks!

These make it suck less.

Anxiety & Stress can be a vicious cycle – Anxiety itself can cause less sleep, more agitation, and reduced cognition, which can, in turn, create more anxiety.

Fortunately, Real Chill™ can help break the cycle. This revolutionary blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids contains key natural ingredients scientifically researched to decrease anxiety, panic, and stress. Plus, the formula is completely natural and contains no harsh chemicals, dyes, drugs, or additives.

We are also proud to support NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to help build better lives for those affected by mental health.

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Everyone knows that premium quality supplements are made in America, and Real Chill™ is no exception. Our team of doctors formulates each product using research from double-blind placebo-controlled studies conducted at top-tier labs and universities around the world.

Each hand-picked ingredient is rigorously tested for its identity, potency, and any other contaminations. Real Chill is manufactured in the USA at FDA-audited, cGMP-certified facilities under the most strict quality and safety controls.

Once the product is packaged, random samples are tested by an independent 3rd-party laboratory to confirm the formula is of the highest quality. checks for ingredient purity, weight, potency, strength, and compositions are all conducted using the most advanced testing techniques.

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90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Mental Health Awareness

We are a proud partner of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and a portion of our proceeds are donated directly to NAMI  to increase awareness for mental health and mental illness.

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Real Vitamins Crafted from Real Struggles

Real Vitamins was created from Tyler and I’s real-life struggles with mental health. Since high school, Tyler had struggled with being restless, irritable, and had immense difficulty controlling anxiety. This would impact his ability to perform well in school and that resulted in trouble sleeping at night, turning into a vicious cycle.

After trying endless amounts of stress balls, whistles, lotions, and exercises, nothing seemed to work adequately.

Through endless amounts of researching and partnering with expert nutritionists, formulators, manufacturers, and ingredient suppliers, we are able to bring about real relief without any of the “fluff” proprietary blends or fillers seen on the market today (no easy feat).

Thanks for supporting Real Vitamins and our vision for a more “Real” wellness experience!

Holly & Tyler
Co-founders, Real Vitamins

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