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Don't Let Stress Run Your Life

These natural plant-based vitamins, minerals, and amino acids help balance your brain and gut chemicals resulting in a calm mood, less stress, and a more chill vibe.*

Four powerful ingredients work together to put you in a good mood without feeling high or buzzed. Each ingredient was studied and selected by our team of doctors based on real-world clinical studies.

Join thousands of other customers and get back to enjoying life again with a natural and safe solution to boost your daily mood.

Real Difference


Our vitamins are transparently sourced from around the world with no proprietary blends.


All of the vitamins and minerals we use in our supplements have clinical studies supporting them.

Original Formulas

Our scientifically created formulas work together to provide maximum efficiency and real results.


We use less plastic, and re-usable containers to increase our sustainability for future generations.

“I am a United States trained medical doctor with seven years of clinical experience. Every year, I see increasing rates of stress-related illnesses. Stress can take a terrible toll on your health long term. The Real Chill supplement is an excellent natural solution for those who suffer from mild to moderate stress and a helpful addition to those already on medication that suffer from stress. I personally take these vitamins for stress and mood boosts, something that I used to struggle with working long hours in the hospital.”

dr danielle kelvas

Dr. Danielle Kelvas, MD

Senior Medical Science Liaison

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