Real Chill Vs. Moon Juice SuperYou

I admit that I don’t always get things right when ordering supplements. It’s always necessary to find out what works for you, and that can vary tremendously among individuals. Different formulations of herbals, alternative medicines and supplements deliver different levels of effectiveness. That’s why I’m always looking for a more effective product, and I think I’ve found a better supplement for my anxiety attacks.

Real Chill, which is manufactured by Real Vitamins, has several proven medical benefits that surpass SuperYou, a popular supplement manufactured by Moon Juice.

Why People Take Real Chill or SuperYou

Both of these supplements claim to help you deal with anxiety, depression, overeating caused by stress, attention deficit disorder, insomnia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Both supplements use natural ingredients that make it possible to find relief without taking prescription drugs.

Overview of My Comparison Results

When dealing with supplements and health issues, I always put trust in scientific or clinical evidence first for obvious reasons. The ingredients used in SuperYou just don’t make the cut.


Rhodiola Rosea, which is a root of a common European plant that grows in cold climates, has some anecdotal evidence that it might help to regulate your heartbeat rate and protect cells from damage. According to information published at, people use Rhodiola for fatigue, anxiety and stress despite the lack of any scientific evidence of support for these uses. Probably chosen for its long history of use in traditional medicine, the product has these potential side effects and interactions:

  • Stimulating the immune system, which can negatively impact autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and others
  • Possible effects on pregnant or nursing mothers and their infants
  • Interaction of changes in the liver of cytochrome P450 1A2 substrates, which are used to treat multiple myeloma
  • Changes in interaction between losartan and Rhodiola cause the breakdown of losartan, which treats high blood pressure
  • Lowering blood sugar levels and compromising medications that treat diabetes

Ashwagandha, another active ingredient in SuperYou, produces known side effects that include nausea, vomiting, digestive upsets and diarrhea. Although medically proven effective at normalizing cortisol levels and reducing stress, there is little evidence to support its role as an adaptogen. According to a article, there is little medical support that ashwagandha fulfills the definition of adaptogen, which is a plant or herbal blend that acts as a “superhero” to generate wellness, health and mental relaxation.

Some evidence exists that ashwagandha reduces your symptoms of stress, but the dosage needs to be small enough that it doesn’t foster digestive upsets.

Shatavari root extract, according to a post at, actually offers some potential health benefits. However, the diuretic effects negate those benefits in many cases. The product hasn’t been well-researched in human clinical trials, and the diuretic effect is troubling. Shatavari can be used to treat depression, and the compound also has antioxidant properties. This single ingredient, however, doesn’t fulfill the promises that Moon Juice makes for its supplement SuperYou.

Real Chill

real chill feature cropReal Chill is a formulation scientifically designed for reducing stress and increasing energy levels. The proprietary blend of natural products and amino acids uses a blend of magnesium glycinate, GABA powder, vitamin B6 and L-theanine to relieve stress, anxiety, loss of mental focus and reduced energy. The supplement gives you an immediate boost in as little as 20 minutes after dosing, so the supplement works as both anl occasional pick-me-up and regular supplement.

The benefits of Real Chill supplementation have been proven in clinical studies and real-time interviews with users of the product. M

More and more people are experiencing increased stress at work because of the frenetic pace of work, obligations to children and expectations of maintaining a slim, healthy and attractive body. These stressors result in rising cortisol levels that Real Chill is designed to normalize.

Scientific Basis of Real Chill Benefits

First, I want to cover a topic that I consider highly important. Supplements aren’t regulated by thie Food and Drug Administration, but I’m glad that Real Vitamins manufactures Real Chill in an FDA-approved facility. The scientific explanation of Real Chill ingredient benefits includes the following information:

  • GABA Powder
    GABA power, also known as gamma-aminobutyric acid, acts as a neurotransmitter inhibitor, which relieves built-up stress, supports nervous system health and stimulates healthier skin. According to information published at, GABA is well-known in medical science for its ability to promote a calming effect and reduce nerve hyperactivity. That provides ancillary benefits like resisting the urge to stress-eat, relieving skin problems caused by stress, promoting healthier sleeping habits and stabilizing or lowering blood pressure.
  • L-theanine
    The health benefits of the Real Chill supplement ingredient L-theanine include a range of physical and mental improvements. The water-soluble amino acid can be found in green and black tea. Although the acid generates strong effects in the body, the metabolic system doesn’t produce it naturally. According to the information posted at, the primary benefits of this amino acid are improved mental focus and better sleep. The compound stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, which are related to mood, sleep habits, emotion and stress. Changing the balance of these chemicals in the brain helps the body to manage stress more productively and lowers cortisol production, which is well known medically as the chemical responsible for stress reactions That can result in relaxation, weight loss, strengthening of the immune system, lower blood pressure and better mental performance.
  • Magnesium Glycinate
    According to information published at, the health benefits of magnesium glycinate include lower blood pressure, reduced susceptibility to strokes and cardiovascular disease, migraine headache prevention and improved bone health. Using the compound as part of a dietary supplement can help to relieve anxiety, promote better mental focus, maintain normal heart rhythms, manage blood sugar levels, reduce symptoms of PMS and relieve pain. The compound is also used medically to relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Vitamin B6
    According to information obtained at, vitamin B6 is a natural ingredient in the foods you eat, but many people don’t get enough B6 from their diets. Vitamin B6 is essential for many of the body’s processes such as recovering from age-related macular degeneration, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and PMS.
  • The additional benefits of vitami\n B6 include:
    • Regulating your mood and relieving stress and depression
    • Reducing blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which increase the symptoms of psychiatric disorders
    • Promoting better brain health and reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s
    • Reduces the risks of contracting certain cancers, possibly because of its ability to fight inflammation

Why SuperYou Doesn’t Measure Up to Real Chill

Real Chill uses the highest quality natural ingredients assembled in an FDA-approved facility. The company offers a money-back guarantee, free shipping and eco-friendly packaging for scientifically and clinically proven ingredients that include minerals, vitamins and amino acids, all of which enjoy a solid reputation in the medical community.

real chill customers slide

This formula works effectively, and you see results immediately — a calmer attitude, reduced stress and better focus during stressful situations. All of these benefits come in a vegan-friendly delivery package of easy-to-swallow capsules.

SuperYou Shortcomings

A recent post at showed amazing skepticism over supplements in general and SuperYou in particular. Yale researchers discounted the possibility of the SuperYou formula delivering on any of its promises including:

  • Relief of stress
  • Improvement of mood
  • Boost the immune system
  • Relief of mental, emotional and physical fatigue
  • Protection from oxidative stress
  • Regulation of weight

According to the Yale article, the ingredients of the SuperYou formula include many non-active ingredients like rice flour, organic gum and sunflower oil. Ingredients like Shatavari root extract, Rhodiola root extract and ashwagandha root and leaf extract offer only limited nutritional benefits and certainly no “superfood” health benefits.

Yale Experts Challenge Moon Juice Interpretation

Most Yale nutritional experts are skeptical of Moon Juice claims about SuperYou. Yun-Chi Cheng, a professor of pharmacology at Yale, challenged the benefits of ashwagandha, which has been used for centuries in Chinese traditional medicine. There is no evidence to substantiate claims of anti-inflammatory benefits or the substance’s ability to lower cortisol levels.

Moon Juice claims that Shatavari root improves mood and replenishes depleted energy, but Professor Cheng denies this benefit as well. There is also no reliable evidence that Rhodiola relieves mental and physical fatigue. Cheng explains that all cited studies were influenced by various types of preconceived bias and not tested with rigorous scientific controls.

The company also seems to ignore substantial side effects and drug interactions that would preclude recommendation by any legitimate medical professional. The combination of drugs hasn’t been well-researched, and Cheng claims that even minor alterations in those formulas could result in inconsistent results. Drug combinations don’t always deliver results that match the sum of each ingredient’s health potential.

Real Chill Vs. SuperYou: Final Verdict

The reputable, FDA-approved facility where Real Chill assembles its product with consistency and accuracy — based on Real Vitamin’s sale of assorted vitamin products — is reason enough to favor Real Chill over SuperYou. When you consider the unsubstantiated benefits of SuperYou and its proven risks of dangerous side effects and drug interactions, the verdict is clear. Real Chill offers a better product for people seeking relief from stress, anxiety, low blood sugar, mental fatigue and loss of energy.