Electrolyve Life Energizing Electrolyte, 30 pc


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Deep Organism Hydration- key to cell, nerves, heart and muscle functioning
Delicious, refreshing and nutritious with a natural blend of calcium and magnesium, sodium, potassium bicarbonate from Celtic Sea Salt and vitamin C from acerola (the richest Vitamin C plant) and lemon
Increase endurance and promote key nutrient replenishment for cold, flu, pre and post exercise or just a busy day
Practical! Mix them as you need them for everyday us
Help find vitality in cases of general fatigue and reduce lack of energy
Bio-energizing, detoxification & revitalization – non GMO – with real lemon flavor
Restore electrolytes after diarrhea or vomiting; helps body absorb and retain fluid for total hydration
No added chemicals to stay hydrated and perform at your best!
Full Body Hydration, Mineralization and Alkalization
Athletes looking to replenish electrolytes and rehydrate before, during or after working out for quicker muscle work recovery
Rehydrating and reducing joint pain and muscle soreness or cramps after workouts or just a plain busy day
Rehydrating after happy hour

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