22+ Best Low-Stress Jobs for People With Anxiety

low stress jobs for people with anxiety

It’s no secret that stress rules our lives.

Listed below are jobs that can be worked from home. There are different types of anxiety, and they’re all caused by stress of some type. Working outside the home could contribute to stress. Let’s examine some of the jobs that give those susceptible to anxiety a chance to lose the stress.

1. Dog Walking

It’s a well-documented fact that animals, and dogs, in particular, are sympathetic little fur-balls. They seem to intuit when we’re ill, down in the dumps, or anxious.

Those who work outside the home clean up a lot of “mistakes” when they get home. If you were to come a couple of times per day to walk their dogs, you would benefit from the friendliness and playfulness of the animals.

2. Work With Plants

People who work outside the home rarely have time to water their plants or put them outside for some natural light.

working with plants for anxiety

Plants don’t ask much of us, except to water them, dust their leaves, and put them outside to catch some rays. You’ve got this. You can also begin growing cuttings in planters in your backyard. As you gain a variety and a number of plants, you can begin selling them.

3. Work Online

A variety of jobs are done remotely online. If you can work with spreadsheets, you can work as an accountant. Bookkeeping for small businesses or home businesses is popular. Do you spend a lot of time on social media? Social media marketing, as well as social media management, might be right up your stress-free alley.

4. Work As A Freelance Writer

Freelancers work anywhere they wish at any time they wish. They take the assignments they feel best qualified to write.

They accept as many projects as they feel they can submit on time. For those not proficient in writing, Grammarly will keep your grammar and spelling up to snuff.

5. Be A Baker

Lots of convenience stores, farmer’s markets, roadside fruit and vegetable stands, gas stations, some restaurants, as well as some mom-and-pop grocery stores allow customers to bring in baked goods to sell. They take produce and dry goods from farmers, so why not accept them from customers?

6. Transcription

A quite large amount of projects are available to transcriptionists such as medical transcription, movies, and slide shows, as well as legal transcription. You would listen to audio and type it into the transcription company’s platform.

Some transcription companies allow their transcriptionists to just type without using punctuation or capitalizing words. Others allow you to go back and add punctuation and capital letters after the audio is typed. Some companies welcome beginners, while others prefer those with at least a year’s experience.

7. Drive And/Or Delivery

Delivering your rider (think Uber or Lyft) to their destination, or seeking the address you need to deliver the food you just picked up (think DoorDash) is about as stress-free as you can get. It’s good money, too.

8. Researcher

Marketing is one of the top jobs in America.

However, while marketers are doing their thing, they need facts with which to do it. Internet researchers seek out information based on the marketer’s area of expertise. It might be statistics, medical or legal disclaimers, or scholarly works.

You will also analyze your research according to the topic or area of expertise. If you have experience with researching for college papers, then you’ll know how to analyze what’s needed.

9. Photography

Creativity engages our minds and emotions. Photography is a pleasant method of engagement.

photrapher for people with anxiety

There are numerous websites upon which to upload your pictures. They pay anywhere from $50 to upwards of $200 for your photos. Lots of websites have terms and conditions that state the owner of the photo retains copyright to that photo. They can, however, be used by all and sundry if the photos are sold to the website.

10. Be A Teacher

Teaching people to speak English is a popular job. You work online with your camera and microphone activated. You speak to people using an online classroom to learn English. You’ll teach them the alphabet, numbers, nouns, verbs, modifiers, and so on. You’ll have some fun, and most importantly, stress-free fun.

11. Librarian

Nothing is quieter than a library. Very little, if any, stress enters between the stacks. A librarian checks books in and out, organize their return to the shelves, catalogs books (mostly on a computer,) and organizes reading events for children.

12. Bookstore Assistant

Bookstores are popular places to find those out of print or rare books. Like a librarian, you’ll be cataloging books, placing them on shelves, helping people find a book, and checking them out or cashiering. It’s a quiet job, plus you get to read all the books you want.

13. Warehouse Stocking

All you do here is take merchandise out of boxes, place them on carts, and then place what’s on the carts onto the store’s shelves.

Some warehouse jobs consist strictly of placing the merchandise on the carts, and then the store personnel places it on the shelves. Either way, you’re in a quiet warehouse, doing non-stressful work.

14. IT Expert

If you have the education but are looking for a stress-free job in computer work, then check out remote work in programming, software design, and IT work.

it consultant for anxiety

Employers are after those who can work without much or any direction, with strong analytical skills, as well as those who keep up with current trends.

15. Landscape Design

You’ll need an education in plant biology and design, but this and golf course design are jobs that can be performed remotely if you’re an entrepreneur. Design companies don’t generally mind remote workers, as long as you produce quality work.

16. Fitness Trainer

You’ll be required to be fit yourself in order to teach your clients how to get and remain fit. Fitness usually means that anxiety is under control, so interacting with other people keeps your anxiety levels on an even keel.

17. Massage Therapist

To massage someone is to remove the knots and tight muscles resulting from stress. It’s a quiet job in a peaceful atmosphere. As you’re helping other people, your own anxiety becomes less and less. You’ll need an education in massage, but it’s a peaceful job.

18. Pharmacy Aide

This job and a medical lab technician do similar things.

They both aim for relieving a patient’s pain or other health condition. The medical lab technician works with others to research and analyze information to that end.

The pharmacy aid portions out medications to relieve the pain or health condition. Both works with other people, but both are somewhat limited in their interaction.

19. Cosmetologist

The lady behind the makeup counter in the jazzy department store gives ladies makeovers. It might seem like it’s not the job for someone with anxiety. It is.

You’re helping other people look their best. Add to that the fact that not every woman wandering around the store wants a makeover, so you’ll be limited to those ladies that want one.

20. Data Entry Specialist

Companies pay people to enter figures into their platform. It’s largely medical, but can be anything.

The work is usually remote, and you’re paid weekly or bi-weekly. There will be little interaction with other people unless you have questions or a problem with the platform. This can be done by phone or email, so those with anxiety can get the job done with no fuss.

21. Virtual Assistant

This remote job consists of performing office tasks like email, phone answering, appointment scheduling, filing, and other office work. It’s done remotely, and you’ll need writing skills, organizational skills, and communications skills. However, what interaction there is will still be less than in an ordinary office, so the anxiety sufferer will fare better.

22. Graphic Design

Do you have an arts degree? Are you well-versed in computer-aided design? Graphic artists are trending now.

Companies and home business owners need logos, letterhead, business cards, banners, websites, and more. If you have the skills, the computer, and a kitchen table, then start building yourself a portfolio.