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Real Vitamins Crafted from Real Struggles

Real Vitamins was created from Tyler and I’s real-life struggles with mental health. Since high school, Tyler had struggled with being restless, irritable, and had immense difficulty controlling anxiety. This would impact his ability to perform well in school and that resulted in trouble sleeping at night, turning into a vicious cycle.

My high-stress level often left me unable to be present, never being able to put aside my stressors and be in the moment. Whenever I would go somewhere, I could not help but obsess over the next place I was supposed to be, instead of being able to enjoy where I was. This often resulted in the feeling of missing out on memories and bonding with my family and friends. Often, I would feel as if I missed the whole thing. When COVID hit, the isolation and a heightened sense of overall fear made things worse to the point where we knew a change had to be made. After trying endless amounts of stress balls, whistles, lotions, and exercises, nothing seemed to work adequately.

We had seen stress supplements advertised but did not like all the proprietary blends that left us confused about what we would be putting into our bodies and the effects of it. The whole industry seemed out of touch and distrustful, leaving a distinct “icky” feeling. We just wanted to find something real. That is when Real Vitamins was born – supplements on a mission to provide radical relief with transparency.

Through endless amounts of researching and partnering with expert nutritionists, formulators, manufacturers, and ingredient suppliers, we are able to bring about real relief without any of the “fluff” proprietary blends or fillers seen on the market today (no easy feat).

Thanks for supporting Real Vitamins and our vision for a more “Real” supplement experience!

Holly & Tyler
Co-founders, Real Vitamins

Real Difference


We don’t use “proprietary blends” that don’t actually specify how much of each element is in the supplement.


We use less plastic, and re-usable containers to increase our sustainability for future generations.


Our vitamins and supplements allow you to be present and aware without being overwhelmed.


All of our supplements are designed help your mental health and wellbeing for a more positive life.

Real Mental Health Support

We are a proud partner of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and a portion of our proceeds are donated directly to NAMI to increase awareness for mental health and mental illness.

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Real Mission

At Real Vitamins, our mission is to help people live better lives through wellness and mental health.

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